Reliable web-hosting in Latvia, registration of domain names, maintenance and optimisation of web-sites
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Reliable web-hosting in Latvia, registration of domain names, maintenance and optimisation of web-sitesOur credo – Reliability, Quality, Speed
Reliable web-hosting in Latvia, registration of domain names, maintenance and optimisation of web-sites

Special offer!

After signing an agreement for web-hosting for 6 month, within the first month – usage free of charge!

Web design

We offer you a full range of services for creation of web-sites. Our experts are ready to develop a system of any complexity level on “a turn-key basis” – from a simple website-visit card to a complicated internet shop containing a large quantity of goods, plenty of databases, news, voting systems, polls, delivery, on-line payments, etc.

The process of creation of an Internet-site may be divided into several components:

  1. Preparatory consultation
    Our experts will come to your office at any time convenient to you and listen to your requirements and desires.
  2. Approval of a site structure
    We develop and offer to you a preliminary structure of a site. Your approval allows to specify some details and sometimes to offer extraordinary solutions for attainment of a better result.
  3. Design development
    When developing each new design, we take as a basis not only how a future project will look like, but also convenience of usage thereof. We reasonably do not use complicated operation systems, following the principle “the easier – the more convenient”.
  4. Site development
    We create a draft version of a site in the Internet for your convenience. You can observe the process of development of your project individually. Each new project is developed practically from scratch. We take care of quality of your site code. When elaborating a web-site, we use officially approved code XHTML 1.0 only, which guarantees proper image of a web-site in all modern browsers. In addition, XHTML support allows working with your site even through usage of a standard mobile phone!
  5. Testing
    Before placement of your site in the Internet, we will test your project with your assistance. Such testing allows eliminating inconsiderable drawbacks caused in the course of work.
  6. Contents
    All projects may be divided into two categories: static and dynamic. Static sites are normally filled once during creation thereof. They can remain unchanged during a long period of time.
    Dynamic sites need constant attention. Model lines changing constantly, new products, new lines in business, shares, services – all this requires fulfilment of respective operations related to the site on a continuous basis. Our experience in supporting such sites allows us to fully maintain virtual space of the client..

We find it reasonable that a web-site is not only a replacement for a sheet of paper. Therefore, we act so that even a site-visit card becomes beneficial for business of the company. The site turns out to be convenient in usage by Internet users.

Our experts developed methods for efficient optimisation of a web-site for searching servers, allowing your potential clients to find exactly you among the competitors.

Many users are still working with Internet, using modem, therefore speed of loading the site is especially important for them. Exactly for this purpose we try to lessen a site volume without worsening any visual elements for maximum increase of loading speed.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephones 7134285, 9411144 or write to info@web-hosting.lv

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